Chapter Members
Full Name Company Branch Joined Date
Ms. Mio Johnson Anchorage Municipal Light & Power 8/1/1982
Mr. Victor Willis Municipal Light & Power 10/18/2002
Ms. Isobel Roy Municipality of Anchorage 1/11/2007
Ms. Julie Makela Municipality of Anchorage 1/11/2007
Ms. Stephanie L. Mormilo, PE Municipality of Anchorage 6/14/2011
Mr. Everett T. Clary Anchorage Municipal Light & Power 7/29/2013
Mr. Gaulon P. Van Landingham Municipality of Anchorage 8/15/2014
Corey Prewett APWA 5/29/2019
Mr. Zane W. Shanklin Stantec 1/21/1997
Mr. Marc Frutiger, PE, PTOE R&M Consultants 6/20/2013
Mr. Daniel Lee Schacher Alaska DOT and Public Facilities 6/6/2014
Ms. Sarah E. Schacher, PE Alaska DOT & PF 8/15/2016
Mr. Paul T. Witt, PE HDR 12/8/2015
Mr. Paul M. Chan, PE Anchorage Municipal Light & Power 5/1/2013
Ms. Melinda A. Tsu, PE Municipality of Anchorage 7/14/2009
Mr. Russ Oswald Municipality of Anchorage 11/18/1999
Mr. Jack Frost Municipality of Anchorage 9/26/2003
Mr. Scott Curtin City of Kenai 8/7/2018
Ms. Kathleen Bourque Parker Municipality of Anchorage 8/13/2014
Mr. Gary Jirschele City of Unalaska 5/24/2018
Heidi C. Robuck DOWL 4/27/2018
Carla Jean Baxley R&M 4/26/2019
Mr. Christopher Cotta Petersburg Borough 2/26/2002
Mr. Henry L. Cole State of Alaska DOT & PF 12/5/2008
Mr. David W. Lundin Hattenburg Dilley & Linnell 2/18/2014
Ms. Ericka Moore Alaska DOT & PF 12/3/2014
Mr. Willem S. Van Hemert CRW Engineering Group, LLC 6/1/1982
Mr. Jerry Hansen Municipality of Anchorage 7/1/1983
Ms. Kayla Feltman City of Kenai 7/21/2011
Mr. Robert H. Lundell Lundell & Associates 2/24/2017
Ryan Goentzel R&M Consultants, Inc 2/7/2018
Mr. Michael Kent Harmon City and Borough of Sitka 12/10/2018
Andrea Story, CPSM R&M Consultants, Inc. 8/21/2018
Ms. Diana J. Lehman, City Manager City of Aniak 6/26/2019
Mr. Bernard R. Sturgulewski Ascent PGM 12/19/1995
Ms. Louise Frost Alaska Digline, Inc 12/11/2001
Mr. Floyd Sheesley Fairbanks North Star Borough 9/1/2005
Mr. Mark W. Spafford MOA Solid Waste Services 6/8/2016
Mr. Jonathan W. Knowles, PE Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities 12/23/2008
Mr. Thomas E. Cohenour City of Unalaska 10/14/2013
Mrs. Diana L. Rotkis DOT and PF 11/20/2014
Ms. Brittany Barkshire, PE State of AK Dept of Transportation 1/10/2014
Mr. Robert Comstock City of Valdez 12/17/2015
Mrs. Cindy Rymer City of Valdez 12/17/2015
Mr. Thomas S. Wolf, F.ASCE, PE, PMP Denali Commission 4/4/1985
Mr. Ernst W. Mueller City and Borough of Juneau 5/14/1986
Ms. Yelena Saville Anchorage Municipal Light & Power 8/27/2001
Mr. Dave Waldo Federal Highway Administration-LTAP 10/18/2002
Mr. Eugene A. Ori Anchorage Municipal Light & Power 6/29/2005
Mrs. Jennifer L. Noffke Municipality of Anchorage 8/13/2014
Mr. Eric Hohmann Professional & Technical Svcs Inc 3/23/2017
Mr. Robert L. Colles, III, EIT R&M Consultants, Inc. 9/8/2017
Nicholas Straka, P.E. Stantec 1/30/2018
James Stephen Colles R&M Consultants, Inc. 1/15/2019
Jean Cumlat R&M Consultants, Inc. 4/15/2019
Mr. James E. Amundsen, PE Alaska DOT & Public Facilities 1/18/2007
Mr. Kent Kohlhase Municipality of Anchorage 8/3/2016
Mr. Brandon S. Telford Municipality of Anchorage 10/13/2016
Mr. Shawn Dooley AWWU 2/2/2015
Mr. Evan J. Griffith, III, PE R&M Consultants, Inc. 1/12/2010
Mr. Kyle T. Kornelis, PE City of Soldotna 11/4/2010
Mr. Edward W. Carlson, PE MBA Consulting Engineers 3/10/2015
Ms. Kirsten Rita Valentine, PE DOWL 3/21/2016

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